Why Women Cheat!



Biology can sometimes be the reason why a woman cheats. Some extramarital affairs happen during pre-menopause. That’s the time when a woman can have an intense sexuality flash. This occurs as the last chance that the female body has to procreate. Thus, her body may prompt them to cheat.


Financially independent women are less dependent on male partners. This lowers estrogen hormone level while increasing testosterone hormone level leading to creation of a hormonal balance that is almost similar to that of a man. Increased testosterone hormone level boosts their desire for a one night stand or sex with a stranger just for fun. On the other hand, less financially stable or dependent women have higher estrogen and lower testosterone hormone levels. This increases their attachment and need for their partners.

Cheating is seen as a moral issue. However, there are times when it serves as a sign of deeper problems in a relationship. Therefore, when your spouse cheats on you, think about the reason for doing it before you rush into making a decision.

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